SculptureYanashot The Fine Art of Denis A.Yanashot

Artistic Statement of Denis A. Yanashot

I employ different combinations of materials and methods in my sculpture. I carve stone and the inspiration for my stone work comes from plant, human and animal forms.
I also create with mixed media; sculpture in the round and relief. I use a variety of materials including found objects, metal detecting detritus, scrap metal, stone, bone, antiques, river detritus and defunct anthracite industry coal and its byproducts.
I find it interesting to use these varied materials and sometimes obsolete objects for creating sculpture. My intent is to use these varied materials in combination to give them a new life or reincarnation as an art form.
I also like to create a body of work or series that reflects a theme or particular subject matter. These series can be based on animals, people or subjects such as the anthracite industry of Northeastern Pennsylvania.