SculptureYanashot The Fine Art of Denis A.Yanashot

Artistic Statement
Since first experimenting with painting composition in college, the creation of unusual arrangements of elements within the picture plane always interested me. In those days the combination of human and animal forms along with the juxtaposition of particular features inherent to their nature produced improbable visual expressions.
Three-dimensionally, I am still interested in the juxtaposition of features or elements of representational subject matter. However, I am no longer interested in the literal interpretation of these forms, nor of their completeness.
I employ some representation in my stone sculpture along with a twist of abstraction and non-objectivity.
I am intrigued by similarities of human and plant forms. Some of my compositions can consist of the blending or morphing of antithetical components. Plant matter can morph into human form and human form to plant form conversely.
With the medium of stone I intend to create physical connections between disparate forms in nature. With the raw material of stone I am trying to communicate the similarities of form between objects in the world and ideas within my creative consciousness.
I also make mixed media assemblage sculpture using a variety of materials including found objects. I will also use material consisting of metal from scrap situations. In addition, I have also used stone, bone, river stone and river detritus, manufactured materials such as acrylic rod, quarried Pennsylvania Bluestone and any kind of assorted junk that can be found anywhere. I find it interesting to use these varied materials and sometimes obsolete objects for creating sculpture. My intent is to use all of these materials in various combinations and sculptural arrangements to give them a new life or reincarnation as an art form.